Qualitative Methodologies, including:
Focus Groups and Mini Groups
• Dyad and Triad Discussion Groups
• Ethnography and Observational Studies (in-home, in-store and other locations)

Studies Designed to Address Business and Marketing Issues, including:
• Customer target exploration and profiling…to gain an in-depth understanding of customers’ beliefs, wants and needs
•  Branding strategy and brand equity understanding…to gain customer insights and develop strategies for brand equity management
• Concept and product development…to obtain target customer input
• Advertising development…to refine creative, both new and existing
• Packaging development…to refine packaging design or structure
• Positioning exploration…to uncover compelling and unique brand opportunities 

• Web site development…to refine look and feel, and usability

“One of the qualities that sets Sara apart is her uncanny ability to 'read our minds' in the back room. Often, just as we're about to send a note to requrest a follow up probe, Sara asks the question.”